Take your own way

"Rawnesss" Starring: eT|Revan.


Back in the years, Neji decided to create the Elite Trickjump clan. Through all years there were many changes but one thing stays the same - respect to each other. Our clan is a community of friendly people who enjoy trickjumping in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and honor their roots.

If You would try to join our team, click the "Join eT" section in the top menu.

We are open for new people and fresh ideas. You can interact with us using "Community" tab.

Have a nice day!

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

~ Confucius


Executive clan members

  • eT|Electriz.
  • eT|Leoo.
  • eT|Revan.

Clan members

  • eT|Dane.
  • eT|Evo.
  • eT|Exit.
  • eT|Eyehategod.
  • eT|f3mm3.
  • eT|Fed.
  • eT|Gnou.
  • eT|hckd.
  • eT|Nico.
  • eT|Omega.
  • eT|P4re.
  • eT|Piercy.
  • eT|Robotic.
  • eT|Sander.
  • eT|Spectator.
  • eT|Suburb.
  • eT|Werner.

Inactive clan members

  • eT|Abarth.
  • eT|Blackbird.
  • eT|Durak.
  • eT|Kisses.
  • eT|Neji.
  • eT|raTchet.
  • eT|Pommes.
  • eT|Setup.
  • eT|Spray.
  • eT|Wolf.

Our server

Elite Trickjump server is the first server running etjump classic mod (v. 2.1.0). It's dedicated edition of etjump mod which does not have the cgaz feature.

If you have any ideas for the server or you want to request a map upload, contact us (info in the "Community" tab).

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Friendly TJ servers

Click on one of them to copy "/connect IP" command to your clipboard!

|999| Trickjump!

| TWC | ETJump#


Timeruns.net AP #1


Timeruns.net AP #2


Timeruns.net AP #3


Timeruns.net VQ3


Timeruns.net #VET

Join eT

If You would like to join our team you have to perform following required steps.

  • #1

    Fill in the application form

    Introduce yourself and write something. You can find the application form on our forum.

    Click here to see it.

  • #2

    We know you & you know us

    We must play and talk together a bit to better know you. This is the hardest step as we are not recruiting everyone.

    We are playing on many TJ servers. You can also talk with us via Discord app. More informations in the "Community" section.

  • #3


    While you are focused on doing #2 step, it may require a lot of time for us to better know you and decide if you fit. Your patience is required. Still we cannot guarantee you'll be in.

    Just show your good attitude and be yourself. If we think you are cool guy, there is also the #4 step.

  • #4

    You can actually jump the recruit map

    Thats pretty self-explanatory. We will spectate you doing all jumps from the map.

    When it's done, congratulations - you're in!


The clan uses Discord app. Use this link to join our channel.

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